Here is a 30 second video clip introducing APRNs

APRN Requirements

  • Licensed as Registered Nurse
  • Arizona State Board of Nursing endorsement in advanced practice role based on meeting the requirements for education and clinical learning
  • Minimum entry education – Master’s degree, programs include classroom learning as well as learning from experienced healthcare professionals

The National Council of State Boards of Nursing has a lot of information about Advanced Practice Registered Nurses, including some background on APRN practice, with some of the information about scope of practice and licensure.


Many people have seen nurse practitioners. They may or may not be able to explain what the process is to become an NP or what a specific NP is able to do. Some of these questions are addressed here

Nurse Anesthetists have information available about their role in health care on their website which includes a short video of less than 4 minutes. There is a fact sheet(PDF) about their preparation and services.

Information about nurse-midwives and their practice is provided through their website at the American College of Nurse Midwives.

Clinical Nurse Specialists also have a website that provides information about their specialization within nursing. Each of the links provides a brief response to the question posted. The role is most similar to what is generally thought of as nursing. Take a few minutes to view this video about CNSs.