Registered nurses who identified a specialty area of interest and pursued further education and clinical training to be able to provide care in the chosen clinical area.

Four distinct roles exist under the umbrella of Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN).

Standardization of APRN

In 2008 a model was proposed to bring these different types of advanced practice nurses under one umbrella. This model was initiated within the profession of nursing and developed with input from many nursing organizations. It proposed a uniform regulation process that could be used across the four specialty areas to allow improved understanding of how these roles by healthcare professionals and the public.

All of these professionals remain under the supervision of the Arizona State Board of Nursing. Their practice is determined by their education in this role and the rules and statutes of Arizona’s Nurse Practice Act. The number of APRNs in Arizona is constantly changing. For the most current numbers, see the Arizona State Board of Nursing website. As of mid May, 2015, the provided count was as follows: registered nurses 80,196; NPs 5,185; CNSs 182; CNMs 242; CRNAs 795 (AZ Board of Nursing, 2012).


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